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  • ACW Toy Soldiers - Specializes in 54mm hand painted metal American Civil War soldiers.
  • Alma Figures - Manufacturer of 54mm  metal figure kits with multiple interchangeable parts. Specializes in the  Crimean War. Located in the UK.
  • - Offers a large range  of toy soldiers and military models. Based in the UK.
  • Army House - Manufacturers of  hand painted metal figures and miniatures from varied time periods.
  • Art. I. G. Ltd. - Manufacturer of tin historical soldiers. Includes historical miniatures.
  • The Barracks - Features a range of military eras in plastic or metal, most painted. Located in  the UK.
  • Beau Geste - Manufacturers of metal  54mm figures from a variety of eras and locales, including South American. Includes company information, collectors and collections, links, and a brief history of Argentine military and police. Located in Argentina.
  • Bill the Bandmans Toy Soldier  Bands - Miniature handcrafted and painted musicians of Scottish origin.
  • Bryertons Military Miniatures - Offers figures from Briggs, Britains, Mignot, and Tradition. Also offers chess sets and custom work.
  • Burlington Antique Toys - Features a range of periods, nations, and manufacturers with a searchable  database. Includes mailing list and articles.
  • Cassandra Model - Producer of painted metal figures from a broad historical range including cavalry and Italian Carabinieri. Located in Italy.
  • Conte Collectibles - Manufacturer of metal and plastic soldiers and playsets, including licensed movie related sets. Handpainted soldiers and artist paintings also listed.
  • - Specializes in figures and static models depicting the US Civil War era.  Includes search feature.
  • De Gree Miniatures - Manufacturers of scale figures, figurines, and replica coins. Emphasis on the history of Malta, where the company is located.
  • Drummerboy Toy Soldiers - Hand made and painted figures, including Alamo and American Civil War. Paints custom school marching band figures.
  • Duke's Brow Collectibles - Offers  figures and accessories by Wm Britain and CW Biggs. Includes gallery of  customers collections. Located in Ontario, Canada.
  • The Dunken Company - Specializes in  home casting molds and supplies. Mold series include historical and fantasy.
  • The East of India Company - Produces 54mm metal toy soldiers with an emphasis on Samurai era Japan. Includes  product and retailer listings, reviews, and links.
  • Edwardian Miniatures - Manufacturers of 54mm solid cast figures. Lines include British from 1914, Indian, and Zulu. Located in the UK.
  • Elen* Models - Producer of metal 54mm figures. Offers new production from other manufacturers as well. Located in  Russia.
  • Forward March - Manufacturer of 54mm metal figures with an American Civil War era theme.
  • Fusilier Miniatures - Manufacturer of 54mm metal military depicting a range of periods. Located in the UK.
  • Goodwin's Painting Service - Specializes in painting miniature figurines in 15mm and 25mm sizes. Other sizes and equipment painted to order. Also offers figures.
  • Hampton Miniatures - Manufacturer of 54mm solid cast pewter lead alloy painted toy soldiers and figures. Eras include Revolutionary War, Civil War, Christmas and Victorian.
  • Harrington Lead Castings - Specializing in 54mm lead figures including American Civil War, WWII, and Christmas villages.
  • Heritage Toy Soldiers - Offers metal figures by Pearce, Shenandoah, and Mountford in plain or painted. Located in Booragoon, Western Australia.
  • Historex Agents - Offers a  broad range of figures from a number of manufacturers. Located in the UK.
  • Historic Toy Soldier Shop - Metal and plastic figures organized by historical era.
  • Historical Figurines - Offers historical and legendary figurines made of tin and handcrafted in France  by Les Etains du Graal. Includes Medieval, Egyptian, Military, Samurai, and chess sets. Located in France.
  • Historical Miniature Tin Soldiers - Distributor of metal 54mm military figures by Eduard  Kasintsev including Ancient Rome, Medieval, Napoleonic, and Russian themes.
  • Historical Miniatures - Features 54mm metal miniatures, 3 inch dimestore toy soldiers, 75mm German  soldiers, and accessories.
  • Hobby Bunker - Offers both painted and unpainted figures in metal and plastic.
  • Imperial Productions - Manufacturer of 54mm metal military and civilian figures from a variety of  historic periods. Located in New Zealand.
  • International Toy Soldier  Gallery - Features 1:32 scale including King and Country , 21st Century Toys, and Forces of Valor.
  • James Finn - Miniatures - Imported German Zinnfiguren, painting service, and some prepainted Warhammer figures.
  • JG Miniatures - Accessories and 54mm toy soldiers. Located in the UK.
  • Kebbi Toy Soldiers - Features  individually made 70mm scale figures depicting a variety of eras produced in  synthetic model clay and metal.
  • Kings X Toy Soldiers - Metal soldiers  including Alamo and Rough Rider series.
  • Klein's Corps Toy  Soldiers - Features 54mm handpainted cast metal soldiers depicting a variety of eras. International shipping, and a print catalog also available.
  • Le Petit Soldat - Military  miniatures including CBG Mignot, Britains, Alymer, and Charles Biggs Premier.
  • - Offers detailed ancient, medieval, Russian, and Napoleonic unpainted 54mm metal historical figurines.
  • Les Drapeaux de  France - Painted French historical tin soldiers. Located in France.
  • London Bridge Collector's Toys,  Ltd. - Specializes in reproduction Britains figures and parts. Also offers books and supplies, and figures by Britains, Imperial Productions, and Forward  March. Located in the USA.
  • Maitland Toy Soldier Shoppe - New release soldiers, and Corgi cars. Located in Canada.
  • March Through Times - Manufacturers carried include Frontline Figures, King & Country, Soldier  Gallery, Conte Collectables, and JG Miniatures.
  • Marlborough Military Models - Military and civilian painted 54mm figures. Located in the UK.
  • Medieval Zone - Hand made wooden  models of medieval castles, siege equipment, jousting sets and accessories.  Located in Canada.
  • Michigan Toy Soldier and Figure Co. - Offers new and vintage soldiers, historical miniatures, and related products.
  • Miniature Military - Canadian  based company offering Russian produced metal figures from a broad range of  historical periods.
  • Newbury Toys - Features Williamm Britain and King and Country figures. Located in the UK.
  • Northcoast Miniatures - Manufacturers of 54mm metal figures and wagons.
  • Old Toy Soldier Home - Dealer in vintage and new figures, including composition.
  • Peter Dale - Offers a range of new and used lead, plastic, and metal models and figurines.
  • Peter Nathan Toy Soldiers - Features both metal and plastic pieces from a variety of manufacturers. Located  in Australia.
  • Pickelhaube Miniatures - Australian manufacturer specializes in 54mm white metal Toy Soldiers of the  Imperial German Army from 1870 to 1918 sculpted by Matthias Vogel. Figurines available painted or in kit form.
  • PNF Figurines - Offers 54mm metal figures with emphasis on the British Commonwealth. Includes search  feature. Located in Australia.
  • Prince August - Offers toy soldiers and other collectible figures. Also available are hand painted figures and hobby casting molds.
  • Realminiatures - Metal figures and scenes from a variety of makers, including painted and unpainted versions.  Custom painting available.
  • Regal Toy Soldiers - Producers of hand painted metal figures covering the First Maori War, American Civil War, and the New Zealand Army from the South African War to the present. Also offers  Armies in Plastic sets. Located in New Zealand.
  • Robert Lloyd - Creator of original 54mm figures of various eras including Mayan. Located in Germany, in English and  German.
  • Ron Wall Miniatures - Produces US historical themed 54mm metal figures including Wild West, Civil War,  Revolutionary War, and Christmas. Includes product search, links, and offers  gift certificates.
  • Ronin - Ukrainian manufacturer of soldiers from the 13th to 17th centuries in 54mm scale.
  • Rosedale Figurines - Offers  cast metal figures in scales from 54mm to 120mm. A broad range of eras and subjects are represented.
  • Sagers Soldiers & Miniatures - Specializes in the King and Country line, including all periods produced.
  • Sarum Soldiers - Specializes in  54mm traditional style metal soldiers, concentrating on the period 1879-1914 and  on the modern British Army. Also offers chess sets. Located in the UK.
  • Sentinel Miniatures - Variety of unpainted scale metal figures and scenes.
  • Sierra Toy Soldier Company - Offers historical and military lines from Britains, King and Country, Conte, Forward March, Alymer, Schleich and Warrior Irish.
  • Soldiers of Great Armies - A variety of makers in 54mm and 120mm metal are offered, with most offered painted. Located in Russia.
  • Soldiershop - Carries a variety of  Italian and European manufacturers. Located in Italy.
  • Stadden Direct - Producer of metal 80mm figures including military from a variety of eras, police, and firefighters. Located in the UK.
  • Stockade Miniatures - Current release British style soldiers.
  • Stone Castle Imports - Offers 1/32 and 1/72 scale figures, military books, and supplies.
  • SVS Ltd. - Manufacturer of matt painted  54mm tin soldiers including Napoleonic, Medievel, and Ancient eras. Located in Latvia.
  • Tedtoy Miniatures - Manufacturer of original 54mm figures. Themes include Samurai, Native Americans, naval, and  cavalry.
  • Thomas Feely - Produces  historical dioramas and hand painted individual figures. Custom work available.
  • Tin Soldiers - Manufacturer of 54mm and 70mm figures from various periods, armies, and wars.
  • Tin Soldiers of Kolobob - Handmade  tin soldiers from St. Petersburg, Russia.
  • The Toy Collector - Features figures from William Britain and Charles Biggs. Includes stock list, show schedule, and links. Located in the UK.
  • Toy Soldier Brigade - Specializes in American Civil War.
  • Toy Soldiers of Kolobob - Offer historical and military tin and lead figures by Russian makers. Located in Russia.
  • Toy Troops - Current release soldiers  from a variety of manufacturers.
  • - Specializes in  Medieval playsets, toy knights, dragons, castles, vikings, musketeers, and  pirates in assorted scales and from a variety of manufacturers.
  • Tradewind  Direct. - Offers military and civilian hand-painted 1/32 scale metal  miniatures. Includes over two dozen different categories.
  • Treefrog Treasures - Specializes in figures by Britains including the Civil War, Delhi Durbar, Rorke's Drift, Knights, and Napoleonic series.
  • Troiani Historical Miniatures - Specializes in military miniatures based on the American Civil War paintings of  artist Don Troiani.
  • Trophy Miniatures Wales Ltd - Manufacturer of painted white metal military and civilian figures.
  • Wm Hocker Toy Soldiers - Manufacturer  of painted metal toy soldiers.
  • Zinnfiguren Hofmann - Specializes in tin flat figures including military, fantasy, holiday, and moulds for home production. Located in Germany.

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